aSc Timetables Now in Philippines

World's NO.1 Timetable scheduling software, aSc Timetables, is now available in PHILLIPINES. Highly recommended by experts! No more hassle in preparing timetables for your Institution. Suitable for all level of educational institutions.

aSc Timetables will help you...

Increase Productivity

aSc TimeTables is built as the only timetabling solution that can generate school timetable up to the last card. Start by entering basic data: forms, teachers, classrooms, subjects, lessons (cards), school week, start and stop times etc..Also define timetable constraints: availability of resources (form, teacher, classroom, subject), card relationships (evenly distribution, subject order, ...), various teacher/form related limits (windows , exhaustion, lunch breaks, . This contributes to a better performance and productivity.

Publish and share

Schedules created with this program are printable and aSc Timetable's color-coding format makes them easy to read. Users can also export schedules into Excel documents or convert them to HTML for Web usage. Share your timetables with aSc Timetables online, a web-based extension of the timetabling application. It offers several features that will help you with sharing the timetables, online backups, teachers daily plans, publishing substitution information and more.

Create Timetables Easily

The Wizard feature makes creating a timetable very easy. Users can create and customize all the necessary variables: school, lessons, subjects, classrooms, and teachers. It allow users to create plans for different classes, and even divisions within classes. For example, if teachers wanted to divide a class into regular and honors groups of students, they can do so with aSc TimeTables.

aSc Timetables is World's NO.1

User Friendly Interface
Verification of Timetable
Professional Support
Mobile & Online Version
Fastest Generator Algorithm
Complete Print



    Automatic Generation

    Let the computer do the work for you


    Manual adjustments

    Once a schedule’s been generated you’re free to make
    any manual adjustments you like


    Verifying the Schedule

    Our algorithm quickly checks the schedule for any conflicts


    Simple data entry

    We’ve made the initial process as fast and easy as possible



    Publish your schedule and make it available to teachers and
    students on their mobile devices


    Data import

    You probably already have most of the data in electronic form,
    so alll you have to do is import it



    ascTimetables supports classrooms in multiple buildings and
    can optimize movement between buildings


    Fully customizable

    You can use the software out-of-the-box or customize its individual features to your liking



    A useful tool for scheduling teacher substitutions, complete with notifications and printouts. Multiple users can plan substitutions/cover at the same time, at a moment’s notice


    Region specific

    Because ascTimetables is used in almost every country, it has been designed to meet regional requirements around the globe


    ascTimetables Online

    An online, web-based extension of the popular school scheduling application


    Electronic class register

    Use the created timetable to start the electronic class register. Your teachers can easily log in, fill curriculums or even do attendance on the EduPage

Download Free Trial


No need to purchase the software until after you’ve generated your schedule, and you’re 100% satisfied with it.
The unlimited free trial version performs all the functions of the paid version apart from Export - it also adds a watermark to all printouts.

Download aSc TimeTables for Windows
Download aSc TimeTables for Mac

Special Promo Pricing

PHP 32990 (USD 629)
PHP 10990 (USD 209)
PHP 46990 (USD 899)
PHP 29990 (USD 599)
PHP 105990 (USD 1995)
PHP 59990 (USD 1159)
Automatic Generator            
Multi-license for all school's computers            
Mobile schedules
Students and teachers have access to up-to-date schedules on their phones or tablets
Unlimited Support
Two years’ support and upgrades
Premium Support
Analyzing, testing, reviewing and suggesting improvements to your schedule
Student-based automatic generator
Generates individual schedules for students

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PHP 700 Mac Licence
Use your ascTimetables on mac machine
PHP 3500 Yearly Maintenance
12 Months of additional support and upgrades
PHP 3999 500 ascSubstitutions Texts
500 sms text messages

For Local Bank Payment options (in PHP), kindly contact us by using the Contact Form, below.


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